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About me and my services


As a real estate professional who has experience for many years in the city of Philadelphia, I have helped many people from various parts of the world in the process of selling, buying, renting property in Philadelphia.

I am grateful to have had the opportunity to resolve many and varied property transactions ranging from residential, condominiums, apartments, multi-units, mixed use, new construction, commercial also special purpose properties. 

This is an important asset for those of you who are seriously interested in buying,selling or renting property in the city of Philadelphia to get quality services, fully understand the condition of property market and understand that the needs of each client are unique and different from one to another.

I am a real estate professional that will represent your best interest in every transaction process, I can ensure my dedication of services which include,

  • Preliminary consultation on the preparation of these financial documents required as well as an understanding of the absolute requirement aims to save time and simplify the process of each transaction.
  • Providing property information which is currently available in the market according to your need and within your budget. 
  • Providing access of reviewing selecting properties, discussion, providing comparable market value, providing professional opinion in order to help client to be able to make best decision to put in putting an offer on subject property.
  • Preparing estimated transaction costs, following down payments including monthly payments.
  • Gradually, clarifying and informing the transaction process flow schedule from the start to finish.
  • Providing best options to perform any inspections and others until final inspection property before settlement.
  • Providing of the option property management services if needed.
  • Providing re-selling services of the property based on update market value.


Buying and Selling property is a Process!
Requires preparation, commitment, focus, cooperation, trust and patience with the ability to be able to make quick and accurate decision when needed. Timing is Everything!